If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from building and renovating, it’s that you can’t underestimate the impact of great Bathroom Lighting. Skimp on Bathroom Lighting and generally the results speak for themselves… or take the time to develop a well-considered lighting plan early and create a space that looks and feels architectural.

Bathroom Lighting Function First

Other than general lighting, the most important function of lighting in a bathroom is to light your face. Especially when using the vanity mirror. Whether it’s to shave or put on makeup, during these sorts of tasks is where you need your lighting to work for you. The rest of the lighting in your bathroom is considered general or creative mood lighting.

There are many ways you can create functional light at the vanity, including:

– mirror with light ring
– wall lights above or to the one or both sides of the mirror
– pendant lights on one or both sides of the mirror.

Whichever lighting solution you choose, just remember you want to create light that hits the face. Avoid creating directional shadows. So while a down light directly above a mirror may look nice, it can create an issue with casting downward shadows on the face.

Likewise, backlit mirrors look beautiful, but they aren’t great at throwing light onto your face, so often supplementary lighting is required.

The future trends in bathroom lighting

Like all things design, lighting goes through trends. You can give your bathroom a design-forward look by embracing some of these future trends in bathroom lighting.

1. New ways to use LED strip lighting

For many years we saw people use LED strip lighting in similar places: below the vanity, below the shaving cabinet and in wall niches. Now we’re seeing more creative uses of LED strip lights.

As strip lights are now available in such a small size, they can be used in places that weren’t previously possible

Another clever way of using LED strip lighting is to run a thin strip down the side of your mirror.

Generally mirrors have lights incorporated into them. They provide the diffuse light required to light the face without shadowing problems.

2. Clean ceilings

There’s been a move away from standard down lights and traditional styles of lighting. People are favouring clean ceilings in the bathroom — the lack of obstruction creates a much sleeker look.

3. Less is more

One of the most common lighting mistakes he sees in bathrooms is that it’s often overdone. You don’t need to add feature lighting in every possible spot. Decide what statement you want to make and do that.

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