Once you’ve had a new bathroom installed or had a remodel, there are still ways to transform it even further. Rather than bring all your old items back in, why not improve the whole room with some beautiful finishing touches which will give it even more functionality and improve the aesthetics even further.


Mirrors can seem obvious and functional, but actually, they can be used in very transformative ways with a little imagination. Decent mirrors aren’t that expensive too and can save on tiling whilst giving small bathrooms the illusion of more space.

Mirror shapes and size are going to be your main weapon, circular mirrors, overlapping mirrors, full ceiling height mirrors and just multiple mirrors in different places will all have a big effect on the final look.


Lighting can be expensive, and also one of the things on your checklist that would be covered in your renovation, but if it wasn’t then it also plays a huge factor in the final feel. Bathroom lighting absolutely has to be practical, but it also needs to be diffused. Harsh, visible (bulb) lighting won’t make for a mellow ambience. You can have several light sources though, so you can control the overall amount.

Light doesn’t always have to just come from the ceiling though with well-placed wall lights giving you more control and options. Lights near mirrors can light you but not reflect harshly off of the mirrors. We could write a whole article on lighting alone but suffice to say it should be near the top of your finishing list.


The smell or scent can transform a room the moment you enter it. Bathrooms aren’t notoriously smelly places so subtle use of either electric scent diffusers, fresh flowers, as well as candles and essential oils, will very cheaply give your bathroom a new fresh feel. Don’t mix and match different scents though, they will compete and not have the same effect as a spring meadow or freshly cut lilies for example.


There are many types of plants that can thrive in bathrooms that get humid for periods. If you have a very bright and pale colour scheme, rich plant greens will add a touch of organic beauty. Also, if you have good lighting and temperature but don’t want too much upkeep, cacti are ideal. You can have multiple ones lined up on shelves out of the way and require very little care.

Matching Accessories

This is the most obvious. Rather than bring in all your old accessories, create or by finishing touches that fit the style of your new bathroom. Accessories that complement each other will work wonders and are inexpensive. This not only goes from bins, laundry baskets, bath trays, soap holders etc but to towels, robes and mats.