How to Remove Glass Tile and Install Ceramic Tiles

When you are redoing a place you need to get rid of the old surfaces first in order to install the new ones. If you are planning to remove the glass tiles and install ceramic ones, you need to keep some important notes in mind. So, have a look at how it can be done step-by-step.

First, let’s begin with removing the glass tiles. You will be needing a few things to do the task which include a hammer, drop clothes, safety glasses, pry bar, utility knife, utility gloves, and 6” inch razor blade.

Removing Glass Tiles

Glass tiles

  1. The first step would of course be safety. It is important to make sure that no accidents are going to happen while you are at it. Use safety glasses and utility gloves to cover your eyes and hands from the shards of glass. It will also be smart thinking if you just cover the adjacent area with drop cloth to save the trouble of debris cleaning afterwards.
  2. Use utility knife to cut the caulk joints. Now, place the knife between two tiles at the joint and hit it from the back with the hammer. Do it gently to break the tile and mortar from the wall. 
  3. Next step would be to insert the pry bar in the gap created by removing one or two tiles and get it underneath the other one, which is to be removed. Push down the bar to pop the tiles. Some tiles which are more stubborn would require the repetition of step 2.  
  4. The last step is to clean the surface with a razor blade for any mortar left so it can be ready for the new tiles. Well, we would recommend you save yourself some trouble and hire a professional for wall tile removal. If you are looking for someone in Gold Coast, then A2Z Tiling Solutions can offer you a professional job without any project delays.

Installing Ceramic Tiles

  1. Preparing the surface, before installation, is necessary. It must be clean and level before you start. Once you are sure about the surface, use a level to start laying out tile pattern. Make sure that lines are plumb and they are straight. 
  2. Next step is the actual laying and this is the easy one. A notched trowel and a thinset mortar is required at this stage. Apply mortar with the smooth side and start doing it with small sections. Then use the notched side of trowel to have a better surface for attaching tiles. Work the tiles firmly in thinset and set them in mortar, pay attention to the pattern. After placing the tiles on their position, place tile spacers between them. Tile spacers will make sure that you get an equal and even grout line.
  3. Now that you have placed and spaced the tiles, next thing is to wait for the mortar to get dry. Ideally, 24 hours is an average time after which you should start grouting. For grouting, start with removing the tile spacer and apply grout with rubber float into the spaces between the tiles. Press firmly while you are at it and make sure to grout it well. Keep a wet sponge handy to wipe off the extra grout. If you are installing ceramic tiles in a place where water will reach them, use waterproof grout. It is also advisable to mix sand with grout if you have wider spaces between the tiles. Your wall is done, now all you have to do is relax and let it dry.

See, this is easy. Tile removal and installation is not really a tough job you can do it on your own but hiring a professional A2Z Tiling Solutions can save a lot of time, your call!

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