All bathrooms are split into two functional zones – wet and dry. By separating your bathroom into these zones, you can reduce instances of mould and mildew and make your bathroom easier to clean.

Keeping these zones separate, however, can be tricky, especially if you have limited space. To help you out, the team at A2Z Tiling Solutions has created a list of ways you can separate your bathroom.

Use shower screens or cubicles

The easiest way to separate your wet zone is with shower screens or cubicles. Shower screens come in a variety of textures and materials (usually toughened glass). You can choose to simply surround your shower or also your toilet for more privacy.

Use partition walls

A great idea for medium or large bathrooms, adding a partition wall between wet and dry areas is a great way to keep the spaces separate. This is great for open style showers or large toilet/shower areas. you can choose from frameless glass partitions, framed partitions, natural stones or half glass walls. If you want something cheaper, then opt for a shower curtain.

Differentiate your tiles

Certain tiles are more suited to wet areas than others. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are by far the most waterproof and are recommended for wet areas. Natural stone tiles are not quite as water resistant and are harder to clean, so are better to use in dry areas.

Place your towels carefully

Your towels should be in reaching distance of your wet area. That way when you step out of the shower you can reach for your towel, dry yourself off and walk out of the bathroom without wetting your entire floor.

Need help dividing your wet and dry zones?

Contact our bathroom renovation specialists. We have a range of design ideas to keep your bathroom zones separate. Based on the Gold Coast, our bathroom renovation specialist can organise a range of shower screens, partition walls and cubicles.