The Latest Trends in Wall Tiles


Imagine, there was a time when tiles were only used in the bathrooms and kitchens. Today, there is not a single tiny corner of the house where you cannot use tiles or where it is not fashionable to have tiles. However, there are few designs that are considered trendier than the others. If you want to get the best tiling solutions, you need to find the best wall tiler in Gold Coast who can guide you about what is in demand and what is hot when it comes to tiles. Let us have a look at some of the trends.


We just cannot miss this one, while we are on the topic, so let’s just talk about it first. The main reason for the popularity of Herringbone tiles is that it can equally work great on the wall or the floor. It looks befittingly beautiful on both, flooring and walls. Herringbone tiles add instant sophistication to the place.

Another good thing about these tiles; they are not restricted to be used in one place. You can have them wherever you want, be it your kitchen or bathroom or literally anywhere you like.

Unanticipated Places

Well, just like its name, we are sure the category is unexpected but we just could not resist mentioning about these tiles. They are being installed in unexpected places inside the houses now. People are using them as headboards and beneath the dado rail. They are even used beneath the bookshelves, on the walls, or in lounges at the place of centerpieces.

Tiles on these unexpected places, add a sudden pop of color and break the monotony. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Well, we wonder who the great minds to initiate this trend was – we are grateful nonetheless!

Gold Royalty

This is the absolute, loveable trend in tiling. Who does not want to enjoy a little bit of royalty? Nowadays, people are adding a dash of gold to their bathrooms; this is so amazing and we are not even kidding. Golden tiles are so in fashion these days.

However, you need to be carefully watching the fine line between indulgence and gaudy. Maybe used gold tiles as borders, or in the shower area but keep the rest of the bathroom in solid color tiling. Play with combinations if you want but do not overdo it.

Say No To boring Perfection

Clean and polished surfaces are going to fade away and what is taking up their place? The new unfinished and raw surfaces. Do not worry these concrete-effect tiles only look like they are raw.

Astonishingly, it gives the place a modern world kind of a look. You need to match the interior decorations to these tiles smartly. Otherwise, the whole look may become compromised and might start looking a bit ugly.

Digital Printing

Technology has surely made a difference in every way we have known, so how can tile trends be spared? Digital printing in tiles is not really a new trend but it is still going strong and there seems to be no end to it in the near future. They can look like anything, from wood to granite to concrete to stone. And these tiles cost less. The texture has become realistic with time and there is hardly any difference in faux and originals now.


Patterns are ruling the tiles race. Tiles have become really adventurous. Bright and bold designs are trending widely. People are not only using patterned tiles, they are creating their own patterns using plain tiles. It gives exclusivity to the place. Everything from different colored to patterns to textured tiles are mixed and matched. And we tell you this is one amazing trend in years that we have witnessed.


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