There are many shower heads available today. Each style has its own unique benefits. So, if you need help choosing the right shower head for your bathroom, then check out this info from our bathroom renovation experts.

Single spray

Humble, yet effective, this traditional shower head is cost efficient and is great for small and medium sized showers.

Rain system

These have grown in popularity due to their superior bathing experiences. Their wide diameter and overhead placement ensure a steady, light flow of water and full body distribution. This luxury does, however come with a price tag.

Hand held system

Perfect for families with kids, pets or elderly relatives, detaches from the wall and can be used to wash different parts of the body, making washing off soap and shampoo a breeze. With this shower head you can stay in one place and bring the water flow to you.

Ceiling mounts

The most luxurious one on the market has functions similarly to a rain system, except it is tucked away inside the ceiling. This means the shower head sits flush against the ceiling. Super trendy and chic, this luxurious one is more expensive due to more intensive installation methods.

Not sure which shower head is right for your bathroom?

Speak with our bathroom renovation expert. We can recommend the right shower head for you and give you advice about other fixtures and appliances to suit your space. A2Z Tiling Solutions have the specialist know-how to completely transform your bathroom.